Breakfast at Walker Ground Manor

    Served between 8.30am & 9.15am

    Breakfast is served in our dining room at the large refectory table and a separate gate legged table.

    Guests in the Four Poster or Garden View can also have breakfast on the patio weather permitting and Veranda guests can be served breakfast on the outside Veranda on request.

    Breakfast is fully served and we have a delicious and multi option menu which is pre ordered for each day by 10pm the night before.

    Wherever possible we use local produce, a local butcher and preserves produced in the village. We serve our own homemade bread, baked goods and eggs from our own very free range hens!

    If you are heading out early, please ask for the pre 8.30am options.

    Special Dietary Requirements

    Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free & Lactose Free breakfast options available for guests with intolerances.

    Please inform us of any special dietary requirements prior to arrival, ideally on or prior to booking. In some instances we may not be able to provide the required allergen free dietry option, due to our home kitchen enviroment and the risk of cross contamination.

    Food Allergies & Intolerances – We must be made aware of any food allergies or intolerances prior to consuming any item we provide.

    Please note we may not be able to provide breakfast to guests with severe food allergies.

    Please request in advance of consuming any food or drink items, if you require information on any of the food or drink items we serve. 

    We must advise that all foods items are stored, handled and prepared in a multi- ingredient home kitchen environment. All food is prepared in an environment where allergens are present. Therefore there is a risk that any food item we serve or provide has been in contacted with an undisclosed allergen, leading to cross contamination. Fish may contain small bones. Whilst we take care to preserve the integrity of our Vegetarian & Vegan dishes, they may be handled or cooked in a multi ingredient environment.

    Eggs-Claimer !

    We serve eggs from our own hens, as well as locally sourced free range.

    Please ensure you request, if for any reason you prefer ‘Lion Stamped’ eggs.

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